2019 Physical Education Changes

On December 11, 2018, the Faculty Senate voted to support the elimination of the physical education requirement for all undergraduate baccalaureate degrees, effective Winter 2019 term and forward. As a result of this requirement change, beginning in the Winter 2019 term, both currently enrolled and newly enrolled students will no longer be required to take physical education courses for their degree.

For more information on this requirement change, please visit the Frequency Asked Questions page on the Academic Standards and Policy Administration website.

While all students’ records will be automatically updated to reflect the new degree requirements (no required physical education courses), current undergraduate students may “opt out” of the new degree program requirements.

Opting Out of the Physical Education Requirement Changes

Students who enrolled in coursework prior to Winter 2019 may choose to opt out of the new requirements. Students who opt out will be required to complete two physical education courses in order to graduate.

Students who, after reviewing the Frequency Asked Questions, choose to opt out of the new requirements will need to contact the Registrar’s Office to have their records updated. Once their record is updated, students will automatically see the changes reflected on their Degree Audit.

For additional information contact Gary Wohlstetter, Physical Education RAC 247, 410-455-2638.