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Locker Rooms and Rentals

*Due to COVID-19, we are not accepting Locker Rental applications at this time*

Locker Rooms

RAC Gymnasium Locker Room:  Located on RAC Gymnasium ground floor level.
RAC Pool Locker Room: Located adjacent to UMBC Indoor Pool.


Locker Use

Lockers in both locker rooms are available for use on a daily basis at no charge, as long as the lock is removed by the end of the day.  Locks left on overnight will be subject to removal.  Mini-Lockers are available for 25 cents to store smaller valuables like wallets, keys, and cell phones.  These lockers are located adjacent to the locker rooms on the RAC Gymnasium level and outside of the Men’s Pool Locker Room.


Locker Rental

Locker rentals are available on a semester or annual basis. Full-length lockers are located in the RAC Gymnasium Locker Room.  Full-length locker rental includes complimentary lock.  Lockers are available for pool users in the Pool-Side Locker Room.  Locks must be provided by renter.  To rent a locker please complete the Locker Rental Application and return with payment to Dominic French in RAC Room 321.  For additional information contact Dominic French,


Locker Rental Fees Locker room pix

RAC Full-Length Locker Rental Service (includes RAC issued lock)
Annual  $100.00    Fall  $50.00   Spring  $50.00
Summer  $30.00

Poolside Locker Rental (does not include lock)
Annual  $50.00    Fall $25.00   Spring $25.00
Summer  $20.00