Fitness and Wellness Programming

  • Group Fitness and Cycle classes

  • Personal Training

  • Prerecorded group fitness classes on YouTube (UMBCRec)

  • Monthly workshops

  • Monthly focuses and challenges

  • Private Group Fitness classes

  • Special events



Alea Shilling – Assistant Athletic Director of Fitness and Wellness, PHED

email: Alea


Joella Lubaszewski – Assistant Director of Group Fitness and Operations

email: Joella



“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”

-Henry Ford



UMBC Recreation is providing complimentary wellness resources and live streaming fitness courses (“Activities”) to support UMBC students, faculty, and staff in their fitness efforts as part of the University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This method of online fitness content delivery means that there will be no in-person supervision available while you perform the Activities. It is your responsibility to limit your participation in any Activities to the extent that it is safe and reasonable for you to do so at your own discretion. If you are unsure of, or have concerns about, how to best practice any Activity, contact UMBC Recreation (Alea Burke ( for more information. It is also important that you identify a safe space in which to participate in any Activities. If your space is too small or crowded for safe participation, you should find another space in which to participate or practice, or select a different Activity that can be safely practiced in the available space.

As with any activity, there are risks in participating in online fitness Activities. Risks include bodily injury which may be severe or not, including death, or property damage caused by contact with personal property while participating in the Activity. This is not a complete list of all risks, many of which may be unique to an individual or location.  By participating in any Activity offered or presented on or through UMBC Recreation online services, you understand and agree that neither UMBC nor its employees are responsible for any bodily or personal injury or property damage that you or any person may sustain or cause as a result of practicing or participating in such Activities. Furthermore, you assume the risk of injury by choosing to participate in the Activities. 

Please act responsibly as a member of UMBC’s Community within the Instagram and YouTube “rooms”.  The Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation has the right to ask you be removed from the virtual fitness class at any time.