UMBC Recreation continues to follow the guidelines set forth in the Retrievers Returns Roadmap to ensure a safe reopening of campus.
Who is eligible to participate in UMBC Recreation activities?
Current UMBC students, faculty, staff, and RAC Members are eligible to participate in UMBC recreation activities, with a valid UMBC Black & Gold or Red Card.
Is there a fee to use UMBC’s athletic facilities?
Students, Faculty and Staff may use the athletic facilities free upon presentation of a valid UMBC Red Card. Annual and monthly memberships are available, as well as daily guest passes for guests accompanied by valid RAC members, which can be purchased up until two hours prior to the RAC closing. Please click here for Membership Rates.
What attire is required to participate in the programs?
Proper athletic attire includes: athletics pants or shorts (denim, cargo pants, and other cotton pants with rivets or zippers or external snaps and buttons are prohibited), athletic shirts (muscle shirts and sports bras must be covered by t-shirts when in the weight room or cardio balcony), and athletic, non-marking shoes. Shirts, shoes and shorts/pants must be worn at all times. All patrons participating for recreation swim are required to wear sandals or flip-flops throughout the facility.
Can I rent gym clothes and a locker to use for the semester?
While gym clothes are not available for rent at the RAC, the Bookstore, located in The Commons carries attire for purchase, with the exception of shoes.
Lockers are available for rent in both the poolside and gym-side locker rooms. Click here for the locker rental pricing.
Can I bring a guest to work out with me in the weight room?
**Due to COVID-19, we are not selling Guest Passes at this time**
Guests in the RAC must be accompanied by a current UMBC student, faculty, staff, or RAC Member at all times. Guest passes are available at the front desk and can be purchased up until two hours prior to the RAC closing. Guests must present a photo ID to the front desk attendant in order to be eligible to purchase a guest pass. Guests and patrons under the age of 16 are prohibited from participating in the weight room.
How do I find out the hours that the facilities are open?
To view the RAC hours of operation, please click here.
Who should I contact if I have other questions about UMBC Recreation?
Please contact the RAC Front Desk at 410-455-8888 for any other questions or concerns.