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Intramural FAQs

Due to COVID-19 the RAC will be remain closed for the Fall 2020 semester.  We will continue to provide virtual programming for the entire campus community.  UMBC Recreation continues to follow the guidelines set forth in the Retrievers Returns Roadmap
to ensure a safe reopening of campus.

  • What are intramurals?
    Intramural Sports are an enjoyable and relaxing way to get to know students, faculty, and staff on UMBC’s campus. Intramural Sports offer team, individual and special events throughout the academic year for all members of the UMBC community. All full-time students, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in intramural sports.
  • How do I sign up for intramurals?
    Register through, For more information on imleagues and how to register Click here.
  • How do register for E-leagues?
    To register for E-leagues, please use, click here to register.
  • Is there a fee to participate?
    There are no fees to participate in any intramural events this semester  
  • What is the Manager’s Meeting?
    Managers meetings are required for certain IM activities. The manager’s meeting will take approximately 20-30 minutes. Rules, sportsmanship guidelines, and other information will be covered during the meeting.
  • Who can play Intramural Sports?
    Full-time undergraduate and graduate students, full-time faculty/staff members, and graduate or part-time students who are paying full-time student fees are eligible to participate.
  • Where and when do we play?
    Most IMs this semester will be virtual with the exception of golf and foot golf which will take place at Carroll Park golf course (8 minutes from campus). 
  • What do we win?
    The winner of each sport/event will receive the coveted Intramural Champions t-shirt. The Championship t-shirt changes every year.
  • How to Register?
    Click here for more information about Registration.