Retriever Activities Center


RAC Front Desk

The Front Desk is located in the main lobby of the RAC. Here, information is provided for open recreation, club sports, group fitness, intramural, physical education, and athletic events.

Cardio Zone

The new Cardio Zone, located in the old varsity Sports Medicine area, will provide our patrons with much needed additional cardio equipment. It will consist of treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent and upright bikes, AMTs, stairmills, and arc trainers.

Group Fitness Studio (144)

The newly added Group Fitness Room will primarily be used for group fitness classes. It will also be used for physical education classes, club sport practices/events, open recreation, and Summer Day Camp activities.

Fitness Studio (130)

This 2,600 square foot studio, located on the RAC main level, is complete with a refurbished hardwood floor, mirrors, and a state of the art sound system. These features make it an excellent site for Group Fitness classes, Physical Education courses, and various Club Sports activities. Personal storage units are available for participant use.

Cardio Balcony

The cardio balcony, located on the RAC main level, overlooks the RAC Gymnasium Floor. The cardio balcony is used for open recreation use and physical education classes. The balcony will consist of ellipticals, AMT’s, steppers, recumbent bikes, rowers and upright bikes.

Weight Room (060)

The recreation weight room is used for open recreation and physical education classes. It consists of 2 Torque multi-gyms, 2 Torque squat racks, 1 ab/dip chair, 1 weighted ab/dip machine, 1 free weight ab machine, 2 preacher curl machines, 5 free weight benches, and 4 bench press machines. This is the primary weight room that students use and often hits capacity during weekdays of the school year.

Weight Room (063)

The new weight room will be used for open recreation and physical education classes. It will consist of 15 TechnoGym selectorized machines, free weight benches, Smith Machine, and light weight dumbbells. This will be a great area for patrons looking to do more endurance type workouts and beginners to weight lifting. Also, with the current weight room often hitting capacity during prime hours, this will prevent us from having to cycle patrons in and out while in the middle of a workout.

Functional Fitness Room

The Functional Fitness room, formerly known as the Retriever Training Center (RTC) is going to be a new and exciting addition to UMBC Recreation. It will consist of cardio equipment, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, weight sleds, and a Queenax functional training strength machine.

Cycling Studio

The Cycling Room, located in the old Retriever Training Center (RTC), will be utilized for high energy indoor cycling classes. This will provide a greater variety of group fitness classes, as well as fun and excitement for our patrons. It will consist of 15 bikes and 2 70” HD TVs.

RAC Courts

The multipurpose recreation courts are used for Physical Education classes, Open Recreation, Intramurals, Club Sports practices and events, Summer Day Camp and campus wide activities. Patrons can play basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, and badminton. Varsity athletics teams use the courts at various times for practice.

Arena Court

The newly renovated Taraflex arena floor is used for physical education classes, open recreation, intramurals, and club sports practices and matches. Events hosted here are intramural basketball and volleyball, club volleyball practices/matches, club wrestling practices/meets, and club martial arts practices/expos, as well as campus wide events/rentals.

RAC Arena Track

The 1/10 mile indoor track has been replaced with brand new flooring. The track will be used for physical education classes, open recreation, and club sports practices. Varsity track and field will also be using the indoor track for practice during the Winter or if there is inclement weather.

Indoor Aquatics Facility

The indoor aquatics facility includes an indoor 25 yard, 8 lane pool and separate diving well with 1 and 3 meter boards. Like the outdoor pool, the indoor pool is used for Physical Education classes, open recreation swim, and UMBC Summer Day Camp. It is open from the beginning of November through mid-to end April. Varsity swim practices/meets, club swim practices/meets, and swim lessons are also held at the indoor pool.

Locker Rooms

Two men’s and women’s locker facilities are available for use. One is located adjacent to the indoor pool and the other is located on the court level of the RAC gymnasium. The newly renovated men’s and women’s pool locker rooms will provide our patrons with a fresher look, as well as new flooring, showers, bathrooms, and lockers.

Half sized lockers are available for daily use at no cost or for rental on an annual or semester basis. For additional information, contact Dominic French at frenchd1@umbc.edu.

Multi-Purpose Rooms

The 1st floor Multi-Purpose Room, formerly the men’s and women’s lacrosse offices, will be used for meetings, Physical Education classes, certification classes, and collaborative events involving Recreation. The room will also be available for open recreation.

The Ground Floor Multi-Purpose Room will be used as a classroom, conference room for staff meetings and meetings for collaborative events.

Classrooms/ Meeting Rooms


The 2nd Floor Classroom/Meeting Room will be used for classes, meetings, and UMBC Summer Day Camp.

The 2nd Floor Classroom will be used for classes, meetings, and E-Leagues.

Equipment Desk


The RAC equipment desk, located on the first floor of the recreation side, provides current students, faculty, staff, and RAC Members with equipment to use during open recreation hours. Equipment includes: basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, tennis rackets and tennis balls, badminton racquets and shuttles, and volleyballs.


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Outdoor Facilities


Outdoor Olympic Pool

The Olympic size outdoor pool (heated) is a main attraction for our patrons. Like the indoor pool, the outdoor pool is used for physical education classes, open recreation swim, and UMBC Summer Day Camp. It is open (weather permitting) from mid to late April through the end of October. Varsity swim practices/meets, club swim practices/meets, and swim lessons are also held at the outdoor pool.

Outdoor Tennis Courts

The 6 outdoor tennis courts are used for physical education classes, open recreation, and club sports practices/matches. The tennis lights are on timer from when we return from Spring Break until the beginning of Thanksgiving Break. This is where we hold physical education tennis classes and UMBC Tennis Club team matches.

Walker Field


Walker Field, located off of Hilltop Road, is the home of the UMBC men’s and women’s club rugby teams. All rugby home matches and practices are played on Walker Field.

UMBC Stadium Turf

The UMBC Stadium Turf is the home of UMBC men’s and women’s soccer teams, men’s and women’s lacrosse teams, and ultimate frisbee team. Various intramural events and physical education classes are also hosted on the stadium turf. This facility is only available for scheduled programed activities.

Shelbourne Practice Fields

Shelbourne Practice Fields are grass practice fields, located above the stadium turf. Physical education classes, intramural events, open recreation and club sports practices are played on the fields.

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