Class Descriptions

Please Note: Class offerings vary each semester.
Refer to the current Group Fitness schedule for up-to-date class offerings.

ABC 30

Get an Arms, Butt, and Core workout in less than 30 minutes. Grab weights and a mat to hit all the target zones in a quick and efficient strength training workout. Classes will vary between music-led choreography and self-paced timers.


Fast-paced, high-intensity, total body workout that uses weights, medicine balls, jump ropes, and athletic drills.


This class is designed to build the abdomen muscle by performing a variety of exercises that focuses on the abdomen while strengthening the arms, back, glutes and legs. Exercises are not one size fits all. That’s the purpose of having a variety of exercises.


This yoga class will fire up your core strength as you practice proper posture alignment, flow through yoga sequences and build heat from within by connecting breath to movement.


This class is a great cardiovascular workout. Pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and many other challenging drills and exercises. All levels are
welcome. Remember to bring a towel and a water bottle! If you are new to indoor cycling, make sure to get there 10-15 minutes early to be correctly fitted on the bike.


Starting with the basics of periodized training, we are going to learn primary cycling skills while building strength and endurance on and off the spin bike. The class will focus mostly in the sweet-spot training zone. The sweet-spot block is the most efficient form of base training for the majority of cyclists. We will train in the sweet-spot, threshold, and VO2max power zones for a blend of interval training. Aside from the significant fitness gains and increases in FTP, we will enhance formwork and pedaling mechanics.


This class includes an introduction to the Ashtanga method – a dynamic and strong practice linking breath to movement. Participants will be guided through the initial sequence of poses in a manner suitable for all levels of physical fitness. No prior yoga experience is necessary!


This class will utilize the Queenax functional training equipment to build strength in your core for everyday movement. Each exercise is adaptable for all fitness levels.


a slower-paced practice that focuses on gently stretching and strengthening the muscles. Postures are held for longer durations and are connected with the breath to help release tension, increase range of motion and focus on alignment. This class helps to find calmness and ease in the mind and body.


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an all levels class where you will perform short bursts of intense work followed by a period of active recovery. This class will be fast paced and FUN! All exercises can be modified to fit all fitness levels. Come check it out!


Line dance is a form of dance in which memory and execution come together. Dancers learn basic steps, rhythms and routines choreographed to music, thereby improving memory and balance. Music styles include: pop, rock, blues, country, R&B, Latin, salsa, contemporary, swing and ballad.


Drumming class fusing cardio, Pilates, plyometric, isometric movements. Drum sticks provided.

SoulBody BARRE

An invigorating total body workout created from using the most progressive techniques and cutting edge choreography set to motivating music that will transform your body resulting in power, physical grace and stamina.


Combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more.

TBC(Total Body Conditioning)

TBC is a full-body workout that targets all of the major muscle groups. This workout is designed to contain challenging exercises that focus on building strength, decrease body fat and improve overall conditioning.


A dynamic, flowing yoga practice that cultivates mindfulness through the connection of movement and breath.


WARRIOR Rhythm is a fitness fusion of strength, cardio, and rebel yoga. Fitness-focused with yoga undertones, WARRIOR Rhythm™ increases strength, flexibility, and balance. It’s yoga + weights + HIIT + mindfulness rolled into one insanely rhythmic experience. Grab a yoga mat, and weights and get ready for unconventional yoga flows and unforgettable playlists designed to unleash your inner wild thing!


Energy restoring course designed to increase flexibility and mind-body awareness through poses.


Yoga Fusion is a trend that blends yoga poses with other fitness regimens. Full body toning with an emphasis on core is achieved through a blend of Hatha yoga and Pilates


The well-known and easy-to-follow dance class is filled with non-stop cardio set to Latin, pop, and world music.